A Guide to Artwork

Macron Store Gloucester take pride in decorating your garments; we want them to look as great as they possibly can. To achieve this we need a little help from you.


To embroider your badge/ logo onto garments we need either an .emb or .DST file - this is an embroidery file that our machine reads - without it we cannot complete the task. If you do not have the file no stress, we can organise this for you. Please provide a hi-res JPEG or one of the following files and we’ll do the rest for just a small charge of £18.00 (incl. VAT)

- High resolution JPEG

- .cdr file (corel draw file)

- .AI file (adobe illustrator)

- .EPS file (encapsulated PostScript)


Sponsor logo and Vinyl Prints

The appearance of your logo on a garment is only as good as the file you give us. Please see the

following example and be sure to provide us with a vector in one of the following file formats.  Saving a JPEG into an EPS does not make it a true EPS that we can work with; the file must be an original.

- .cdr file (cored draw file),

- .AI file (adobe illustrator)

- .EPS file (encapsulated PostScript)

If we enlarge a jpeg for printing the following effect can happen on the example below.


What happens if I don't have the correct file?

If you do not have one of the file names mentioned above, fear not, simply send us a jpeg of your logo and we’ll do the rest for a small charge of £18 (incl.VAT).  The new crisp logo will look great on your marketing material; simply ask the sales team for the file once produced.

In the event that you only need a logo made up of simple text then please liaise with the sales team as we may be able to do this for you free of charge.

 You can download our brochure here: