What is #LevelUp?

#LevelUp is a new method of customisation that does exactly what is says – it allows you to take your kit to the next level! Thanks to our new print technology, we can produce highly detailed, intricate designs to go on to the front, back and sleeves your shirt, ensuring your club stands out on and off the pitch.

Why choose to #LevelUp your kit?

If you’re looking for something different, until now the only option was to have a bespoke kit. Whilst bespoke kits give a fantastic sublimated finish that allows for the most complex of designs, there can be lead times of 8 - 12 weeks, minimum order quantities and higher costs involved. #LevelUp gives you a long lasting cost effective alternative to bespoke kits – there is the guaranteed quality of our Macron product range, no minimum order quantity and the lead time is our standard 3 – 4 weeks.


We are also aware that you may be working to a budget that may rule out our premium sublimated and striped shirts, but are still looking for something a little bit different. By choosing to #LevelUp on our hugely popular ‘Rigel Hero’ and Polis’ shirts, we are able to keep costs down whilst adding colour, design and the finish of a premium shirt.


'Off-the-Shelf' vs Bespoke #LevelUp Designs

We have created a range of ‘off-the-shelf’ designs that can be added to #LevelUp the ‘Rigel Hero’ and ‘Polis’ shirts – see below! Changing the colours of the shirt or the design, and adding badges, sponsors and numbers, will still classify your shirt as ‘off-the-shelf’, however if you would like something different our in-house graphic designers are on hand to assist! Please either give us a call on 0345 205 9121 or drop us an email on hello@macronstoregloucester.com and we’ll be happy to help bring your ideas to life! Please note there are limitations as to where we can print, and what garments we can print on, which we are more than happy to advise and discuss.

'Off-the-shelf' Designs

Our in-house graphics team have created a range of regular designs, which you can see below! These designs will be added to periodically.


We believe #LevelUp kits should be accessible for all, so please do contact us for a quotation. There are no set up costs involved for our ‘off-the-shelf’ designs, and we’ll provide you with a visual mock-up of the kit before placing your order so you can ensure it’ll look exactly as you would like. For bespoke designs, a design set-up fee may apply, depending on the request.

Once the design has been set, each design costs £10 (ex VAT) per print. Please note (depending on your requirements) we can incorporate badges, sponsor logos and numbers into each design, allowing you to save on each #LevelUp kit! All prices are subject to bulk order and/or club partnership discount.


The Process


1. Select Your Shirt
  • We recommend using the ‘Rigel Hero’ shirt or the ‘Polis’ shirt. Other shirts are available but please check with the sales to team to see if the shirt is suitable for adding the #LevelUp process.


2. #LevelUp Your Garments

  • Choose your #LevelUp design! Either select one of our ‘off-the-shelf’ designs, changing the colours to suit your needs, or create your own bespoke design.


3. Enquiry/Quotation

  • Get in touch! Let us know the garments, designs, colours, badges, sponsors, numbers and sizes (even if it’s just a rough idea) and we’ll be more than happy to put a quotation together. We understand the details on your initial enquiry may not be final, so we’re more than happy to tweak the quotation at a later date.


4. Artwork Sign Off

  • If required, our graphics team will put together a visual mock-up of the requested design. We’ll send this over for your approval before you place the order. The visual mock-up typically follows approximately 1-2 days after the quotation has been accepted.


5. Payment & Delivery

  • As soon as we receive payment we can get your order underway (providing all of the details have been confirmed and/or approved). All #LevelUp kit orders will take approximately 3 – 4 weeks to be delivered/ready for collection (allow an extra 7 days in the summer). You will receive an email or text notification as soon as your order is ready. You will be made aware of your lead time when placing your order.


Register your interest

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the store if you are interested in a #LevelUp kit!

  • Tel: 0345 205 9121
  • Email: hello@macronstoregloucester.com
  • Leave us a message online: www.macronstoregloucester.com
  • Visit the showroom: Unit 9, Clifton Centre, Bamel Way, Gloucester Business Park, Gloucester, GL3 4BH